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tattoo artist moss black and grey color realism

Bobby Moss

Tattoo Artist/Piercer

With 25+ years experience in the body art and body piercing world, Bobby is a custom tattoo artist specializing in black&grey and color realism tattoos. Timeless Art Tattoo in Phoenix is known mostly for the tattoo work on the wife of Bobby Moss, Internationally published model, Heather Moss.

Heather Moss

Entrepreneur/Tattoo Model

With a established resume in 8 years, she has continued to be featured in and grace covers worldwide in the most notable publications. She is also known for her business ventures Church of Horror and Modern Mods.

Jose Alvarez

Tattoo Artist

With 26+ years experience as a full time tattoo artist, Joe specializes in Japanese, Traditional and loves doing anything evil or horror related. His passion for tattooing is about creating something memorable for each client that he works with. 

Mike Garcia

Tattoo Artist

With almost 8 years experience, Mike is experienced in both Black&Grey and Color. He loves new challenges and testing his skill set. He really enjpys the creative outlet of the art he brings to life within his work. 

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